thought i'd start a power trio band
tapes and t-shirts and a Chevy van
think of all the things that i had
people that care aren't so bad
had a job plugging in telephones
got a paycheck but i was alone
then i met a girl she was true
all the stars in the sky were for you

i'm not your guy
but i really wanted to try
something had to give you said
track changes show me where i've been
you really weren't right for me
track changes baby

thought i'd buy a hammer and some nails
build a big house by the church and the jail
couldn't put the tools in my hands
bad at math and my eyes are bad
wrote a sad song about a girl
rode my dirt bike off the edge of the world
lit a smoke and passed it to you
stared at the stars and the moon

i'm not your guy
but i really wanted to try
something had to give you said
track changes show me where i've been
you really weren't right for me
track changes where I want to be
track changes baby


don't you want to hear this story out
don't you want to hear this story
how it all goes down

starts on a Sunday night
you picked me up in your stupid car
stopped by the rental place
and then we switched on the VCR
movie starts it's pretty cool
and then we hear a knock at the door
your friends had their Pigface tapes
and your friend had purple hair

girl i want to do this my way
you're gonna have to get your head straight
girl i want to do this my way
we're gonna have to scrape off the face paint now

i held you in the living room
i had nothing better to do
followed you out the door met some hippies
and your punk friend too
he told me knew a guy
who could probably get us a show
he pulled you back into the house
he needed something to do


someone's not going to the beach today
someone's waiting for a bus in the rain
someone better take me to the picture show cuz i'll never go alone

it's like a book
so read it out
loud to me when i forget how
to be a friend
it happens like again, again, again
and it's all i know

someone saw a show at the Fireside Bowl
someone bought a record and took it home
headphones plugged into the stereo, it sounds better alone


security job
you and my mom
your motorbike
your weirdo life
your beer on Friday
you're reading my website
you should do it the right way
me too so let's go

it's been so long you've been out of my life
it's not what we don't say
it's between the lines
i'm sure you heard about what I've been through
i wanted to write when i missed you

we got photo books
and kids that look
we got passport stamps
and trails of paper
through it all
we dropped the ball
people I know say i look just like you


now i didn't call you out
i didn't pick up the phone to let you know
that I was in town
around, I was hanging out
i had some things to do but nothing too important to keep me from seeing you

don't say don't say you hated me
it's really not that way

there i go again
i really don't have a clue
there i go again
screwing up the things i can't afford to lose
there i go again
i really don't have a clue
so here i am again
screwing up the things i can't afford to lose
like you

so why do i
abuse the ones i love?
i've got your face in a picture frame
it feels just like it was yesterday
and why do i
repeat these things again?
if we drift apart it's gonna be my fault
better today but probably not


first one out the door to Baltimore
second one to the house in Halifax
the third one lights the way oh

and your flashlight eyes
are like remote control

the first one dies in San Francisco
and the second one turns to stone
third one lights the way oh

parachute to East Berlin
and you look just like a UFO
climb the tower wires
and you take control of the radio


wonder where they keep the needles
wonder when i get to see you
wander round the halls
and you just tag the walls where i used to be now
when i made my first impression
all i got was pills that kicked in
something in the way they say
"this is best for you, let us fix your problem"

i'm not around

l'm living in a safe condition
taking walks with supervision
pacing in the waiting room
"this is best for you"
got a new prescription
sick of all the letters you send
they tell me it's best i open them
i guess i miss everyone and their shitty grins
but you're not my problem


woke up to rainclouds with you oh oh oh
i waited forever to be with you girl
newspaper boats on the floor
i'll be moving my life to the shore
filling the new sky with roman candles
angels in snowbanks oh oh oh oh oh
fireflies seem so long ago
and i feel like i've nothing to show

i couldn't just talk about it
i couldn't be all alone


you know you make me feel alright
and i think about you all of the time
you're right for me
you make me complete oh
when i'm stuck on a city bus
and the people just want to push
you know they do
are you lonely too
push back and i miss you

i used to write you every day
and you stepped onto an aeroplane
and you came to me
to see how it'd be oh
we saw the city from the highest floor
and took the train to my favorite bar
and i kissed you there
you were lonely too
thank god that i found you

we're alright
are we all
and now i think we made it
and now the hard part's over
tell me the hard part's over


better than a first name basis
paper walls in a beginner's basement
you go away
talk of how we'd get approval
pipe dreams from soap box bar stools
we fade away

never knock upon my door
and it goes on and on and on
because i lied
why do i have to be the whore

red room where i changed my password
city blocks where words go unheard
i'm day to day
you gave me my black heart badge
i hoisted up a dirty white flag
you go away

because i can
you know i can


i know i'm better than
i barely know where i am
i meet you by the school
you want to talk but i hate the rules

and it's a silly way
to take it day to day
and it's hard to do
when i'm losing my cool

i know i've been a lead balloon
falling through your window
i know i've got off track
and said some things that were hard to take back