Shy Mirrors is Chicago born, Stockholm, Sweden-based Mike Downey.  In the late 90s and early 2000s he shared songwriting and singing duties in indie rock bands Wolfie and The New Constitution. After a string of genre-blending solo recordings he’s come full circle to a fully realized and fully fuzzed out guitar, bass, drums outlet.

Pop sensibility can go in a lot of different directions. In the case of Shy Mirrors it exists amidst a sonic wash of buzz saw guitars riding upon urgent, snappy tempos rarely reaching the 2.5 minute mark.  Recorded at home on minimal equipment, it’s a testament to punky power pop with DIY aesthetics.


Reactors EP (2010, Thinking About The Needle) (buy)
Sailed Blanks (2011, Big School Records) (buy) (Bandcamp) (iTunes) (Spotify) (Amazon) (free mp3′s) (lyrics)
Negative Collector (2013, Big School Records) (buy) (out 1/22/13)
Wrong Bomb cst (2013, Mirror Universe) (buy)


Sailed Blanks

Featured on Turntable Kitchen’s November mix
‘Breakout’ featured on Indie Rock Cafe as a single of the week
No Love For Ned
Wilfully Obscure
Jersey Beat
Big Takeover

Negative Collector

I Buy Way Too Many Records
The Morning After
When You Motor Away
The Fire Note
Wilfully Obscure
What’s Protocol?
eMusic / Styrofoam Drone
Indie Rock Cafe (Artist of the week) 


Official website

Breakout – Live @ Township 4-4-12

Sky High – Live @ Township 4-4-12

Paper Machine – Live @ Township 4-4-12

Reactors – Live @ Township 4-4-12