The members of Point Reyes have announced several dates for their cross-country tour in July/August – more deets on the Field Trips page. You definitely won’t regret experiencing the band live plus they should have Golden vinyl in their hands through the better part of the tour. If for some reason you can’t make a show, fret not. You can still pre-order Golden right here from the BSR web store. Philly and NYC locals should look for an official release party date in August!

The band has also seen a bit of press for Golden – Burning World featured Kaddish on one of their expansive, genre-hopping Pod Fodder volumes. Over at The Needle Drop the world’s busiest music nerd hits the nail on the head with his description of Golden.

Not only have Bombadil announced that a new album is in the works (!) but they are also embarking on a mini-tour up the east coast for a few dates this week. The band will have copies of the All That The Rain Promises LP at their shows as well as a super-limited, tour-only, hand-numbered 7″ lathe featuring THREE brand new songs – hot damn! The idea that you would end up anywhere other than at a Bombadil show on those nights just completely blows my mind! We’ll be at the Philly show in full force on 6/30 – say ‘hi’.

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