Still blown away when I see favorable reviews for Big School releases in the formidable Big Takeover zine. This time reviewer Maria Sherman tackles the classic Graham Repulski My Color Is Red 7″ and writes:

Repulski is the new answer to Guided By Voices. And with good reason. This latest EP from the Ohio* native was mastered by ex-GBV Todd Tobias, reveling in a healthy amount of indie rock obscurity, and ringing mysterious. “Everyone Likes My Three Dollar Shirt”, possibly the strongest track, sounds like a Shrimper Records’ single that never happened and is also the most melodically complex. It’s almost impossible to hear the heartbeat pounding rhythm and not have its driving harmony stuck in your head. His name is Graham Repulski; all hail the king of lo-fi noise.

*Actually New Jersey but who’s counting?

You can still grab a copy of the limited 7″ from the BSR store here.