There’s no possible way to bottle up our excitement surrounding our involvement with Bombadil and All That The Rain Promises. With that said, we’re finally ready to announce the next step – pre-orders! We mentioned the details last week but in case you missed it this is what we’ve cooked up:

::12 hummable songs brimming with personality, puckish playfulness and possibilities ::

:: 300 LP’s pressed on bone-colored vinyl ::

:: vinyl-only bonus track ::

:: full-color insert with words and artwork from the classy folks at Idiots Books ::

:: additional lyric sheet insert ::

:: free digital download with vinyl purchase ::

That’s a whole lot of awesome for a mere $15 (postage included!) so hop on it quick! You can stream it directly from the widget over on the right of this page or the band’s Bandcamp page, where you can also buy CD’s and digital downloads if those are your preferred formats. (We won’t be mad!)