I’m pretty damn excited to announce that Point Reyes has signed on with Big School to release their upcoming LP this summer. I stumbled upon the 4-piece (loosely based out of Brooklyn) by accident when a local performance group announced a show at their artspace and it was love at first sight. Their sound falls somewhere between ‘difficult to describe’ and, well, unclassifiable as they can’t be lazily pigeonholed into any pop, rock or trendy ‘indie’ sub-sub-genre. I was struck most by the collective’s musicianship and vocalist Asa Horvitz’ sharp songwriting and commanding off-kilter delivery. As a whole the presentation is discordant and jagged, yet beautiful and expressive.

The band is currently gearing up to embark on a month-long tour before settling down in northern California to record the next full-length, which should be set to arrive in vinyl format sometime in mid-July. The group will also be joined by Nini Julia Bang, a member of Poland’s Teatr ZAR, of whom the band worked with while they were living in Poland on a Fulbright grant. More deets will be posted as everything comes to fruition. Meanwhile there’s nothing stopping you from getting acquainted with the band via the Interweb links below.

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