This record label might be named after a song written by one of the most important rock bands of all-time but that doesn’t mean we don’t value the ‘school’ portion of our namesake as well. For the entire month of March exactly 50% of all record sale proceeds will be donated to the Adopt-A-Classroom project. Supporters get to pick from a wide selection of teachers who have taken the time to register. Most, if not all, are lacking the necessary tools and supplies to provide their students with the best possible classroom experience to help prepare them for the trials and tribulations of life ahead. To put this into perspective – the Philadelphia school district itself faces a $50mil deficit before this fiscal year’s end. Chances are you’ll find a few teachers registered at your alma mater or your current neighborhood’s schools. We have a couple in mind that we plan on donating proceeds to but if you order and want to donate to a specific teacher please note the teacher’s ID number and location in the Paypal notes section and we’ll make an individual donation on your behalf. The best part about this particular website is 100% of the proceeds go directly to the teachers themselves. That’s friggin’ right – zero overhead costs. You get awesome records and you donate to a undeniably great cause. Hey, even if the Big School sounds don’t appeal to your senses there’s nothing stopping you from donating directly!