Sailed Blanks has made a few appearances on year-end lists and, although I typically shy away from reading most of them I come across, the  following have been (or soon will be) on the must-heed list.

Tim from I Buy WAY Too Many Records (know the feeling) wrote up a little piece on the album and then included it in his Absolute Best Albums of 2011. I’m a complete sucker for vinyl blogs that feature short write-ups with photos of the record itself. Consider this blog aggregated. On a side-note, I believe Tim is also the persona behind the PopKid label from years back which, to me, is really cool. (photo credit also belongs to him)

A few months back Wilfully Obscure posted an insightful and enthusiastic review of Sailed Blanks and those sentiments have carried over into Neal’s year-end list. I’ve followed his blog for years so it’s a high honor to be involved in something he stamps an approval on.

Lastly, but certainly not least, (No Love For) Ned hails the record as his 3rd favorite album of 2011 – no small feat as I know very few zero people who listen to more music than he does, myself included. And yes, that’s a Tumblr – follow along if you aren’t already and don’t forget to tune into his online podcast – it recently hit the 500 show mark (holy shit!).


For those of you in the Midwest – Mike  has booked a few shows while on a brief visit back to the US on the following dates:

April 4th – Chicago, IL @ Ace Bar
April 5th – Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club

See you there?