We’ve asked all of the artists on the BSR label to contribute a mixtape’s worth of songs centered around sounds that have influenced them to create music. Conceptually, this isn’t a wholly original idea but I’ve always discovered fantastic music based on recommendations received from my favorite bands. It only makes sense, right?

Our second entry comes from Gabe and Becky of Kitchen Table, Illinois and Deirdre and Conor from, well, Deirdre & Conor. Each of the four members submitted a few songs to round out the second edition of the mixtape series. See the tracklist below and click the link to download/stream it in single-mp3 format. If you have yet to hear/download their EP – uh, what the crap are you waiting for? If all goes well, expect a 10″ vinyl re-release sometime in ’12!

1. Jim Croce – Roller Derby Queen (KTI) (0:00-3:17)
2. Jonathan Richman – Corner Store (KTI) (3:18-6:12)
3. The Dreadful Yawns – Catskill (KTI) (6:13-8:43)
4. The Oracles – Montana Monsoon (KTI) (8:44-12:13)
5. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – Natural Light (KTI) (12:14-14:26)
6. John Lennon – Imagine (D&C) (14:27-17:20)
7. The Flaming Lips – The Spark That Bled (D&C) (17:21-23:05)
8. Ludwig van Beethoven – Allegretto Movement, 7th Symphony (D&C) (23:06-28:48)
9. Joshua Marcus – Poison In The Well (D&C) (28:49-34:53)
10. Henri Chopin – Vibrespace (D&C) (34:54-43:37)

Oh whut, you wanna download it? Perhaps you want to stream it?

BSR Mixtape Series – Vol. 2 – Deirdre & Conor/Kitchen Table, Illinois from BigSchoolRecords on 8tracks Radio.