Earlier in the year Buzzlegoose posted a bitchin’ review of American Ghosts which has led to it not only breaking Buzzlegoose’s editor-in-chief’s top 10 but doing so in convincing fashion – #3! I’m not always keen on the top-anything lists but it’s hard to argue with the following assessment:

::Kid Icarus seems to continually pump out great albums. After crafting Imaginary Songs and Aluminum Hits (my number one album of last year), they pumped out a good EP, and then this great album. Songs like “Wasteland Blues,” “One Letter Off,” and “Bicycle Spokes II” only make me respect them more and more. Without the aid of a major label, they exemplify what independent music really means, and how a group of artists can get together and forge great art, not to mention a respectable career.::

Some might find my opinion biased but it’s certainly no joke when I say American Ghosts unleashes further rewards with each additional listen and, depending on the day/setting, any of the 8 tracks can stand out as my favorite! Kudos to the band!