Followers of my now-defunct music blog will recognize the Graham Repulski namesake as I’ve written about them as well as featured a handful of songs on monthly mixes before. I was pretty stoked when the band agreed to put together a few tracks for a Big School release. The 7″ features 4 deliriously infectious mini-anthems for the more ADD-riddled indie-rock fans out there. Initial listens will have most of us thinking this sounds just as good as any classic-era Guided By Voices offering. Lo-fi? Check. Hooks? Check. Cryptic lyrics? Check. Even with a handful of quality releases under their belt very little is known about the actual band itself. And that’s fine because, well, it’s ultimately about the music, no?

Mommy’s Dreaming (mp3)

Pre-order the My Color Is Red 7″ on transparent red vinyl (see what we did there?)

Stream the entire release on the official Graham Repulski Bandcamp page