My all-time favorite rag, The Big Takeover, will be printing a favorable review of Sailed Blanks in the upcoming issue #69, due out this fall! The review comes courtesy of BTO editor Jack Rabid himself and reads a little something like this:

“We’re not used to veteran rockers moving abroad—we expect the opposite. Then again, relocating to Sweden makes sense, considering the way Scandinavia has been taking it to us in the rock ‘n’ roll racket. Shy Mirrors is Mike Downey, ex-frontman of Illinois/Parasol Records’ faves Wolfie, National Splits, New Constitution, etc. And going it alone in the land of the Hives, Hellacopters, Shout Out Louds, Sahara Hotnights, etc., he hollers hot, quick-hitting, indie rock with heavier 1977-1981 punk guitars, like The Rich Kids on double the amphetamines covering Negative Trend, or Sebadoh with Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan singing doing The Controllers. Give him two-minutes 11 times, and he’ll bang out a big blast of babyfaced energy with pop hooks like the breakout “Breakout,” or the Ramones-ish “Argon” (beat on this, brats!), that will blitzkrieg your bop in nothing flat.”

I’ve been a subscriber to BTO for many years now (going on 12+) so consider this a crowning achievement for not only the band and label but myself as a long-time follower!