Very few albums struck my immediate fancy last year moreso than Shy Mirror’s Reactors EP. Every second of every song was packed tight with youthful punk energy filtered through 90′s indie rock sensibilities. So when I heard Mike Downey (sole proprietor of Shy Mirrors and ex-patriate who now resides in Sweden) was looking for a home for his new album I leapt at the opportunity to support. Sailed Blanks picks up exactly where Reactors left off – 25 minutes of unassailable pop hooks skating along on a barrage of sugar-buzzsaw guitars. I guarantee heads will bob and company dimes will be spent trying to memorize the lyrics. Plus, rumor has it that members of State Of Samuel will join SM on the live circuit! Time to start a ‘plane ticket to Sweden’ fund!

Pre-orders for the Sailed Blanks LP are available now from the store – limited-edition clear vinyl – $15 postage paid in the US, $20 for our international brethren. Every LP comes with a free digital download card as well.

I’m Not Around (mp3)

Breakout (mp3)

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