BSR-002 Deirdre and Conor / Kitchen Table, Illinois Capitol Limited EP

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome both Deirdre and Conor and Kitchen Table, Illinois to the Big School family. ‘Capitol Limited’ comes to you in the form of a free six-song digital EP with the hopes of someday finding its way onto a 10″ vinyl. Every contributor on this release also belongs to the sensational Wiggly Tendrils songwriting collective so you can expect to come away from these songs with nothing less than amazement at their way around melody and songcraft. The infectious la-la’s & ay-ay’s of Saturnday. The subtle mandolin strums of Quitter. The celebratory, yet understated, melancholy of Love In Philadelphia. I’m completely honored to be able to support these guys, many years after originally hearing them exercise their talents in various and sundry Hyde Park projects!

1. Saturnday (Deirdre & Conor)

2. Goodnight Wish (Deirdre & Conor)

3. Love In Philadelphia (Deirdre & Conor)

4. Quitter (Kitchen Table, Illinois)

5. Wash It Down (Kitchen Table, Illinois)

6. Drink You Back To Life (Kitchen Table, Illinois)

Download a zip file containing all music, art and credit files (mp3) or (WAV)

Indulge yourself in the story behind these songs after the jump!

DEIRDRE AND CONOR and KITCHEN TABLE, ILLINOIS Join Forces On New Collaborative Extended Play Recording

September 13, 2011 – In the summer of 2010, Philadelphia, PA-based musical duo Deirdre and Conor (Deirdre and Conor Loughridge) rode a train across the continental United States. On June 27, 2010, they stopped in Chicago, Illinois.

On that day, they visited their long-time friends and fellow musical duo Kitchen Table, Illinois (Gabe McElwain and Becky Stark).  With the help of mutual friend and producer Travis Carter, the two duos arranged and recorded three songs.

These particular Kitchen Table, Illinois songs had not yet been recorded because they constituted a departure from the group’s established Americana/Country/Bluegrass style.  Gabe and Becky had not been able to figure out how to make the most of them alone.  Deirdre and Conor lent some of their trademark musicality and helped to broaden the scope and intensity of those songs.

Upon their return to Philadelphia, Deirdre and Conor selected three songs of their own, recorded their parts, and sent them to Chicago.  Gabe and Becky recorded counter-parts remotely, lending some of their noted tunefulness to those intimate songs.

The friends decided to name the resulting recordings the, “Capitol Limited,” after the train that had brought them together.

Deirdre and Conor’s songs were selected for, “Side 1,” of the recording because each song is uniformly gentle and cheerful.  These songs tell stories of deep and abiding love.

Kitchen Table, Illinois’ songs were selected for, “Side 2,” of the recording because each song is uniformly raw and bitter.  These songs tell stories of profound sadness and loss.

On September 13, 2011, Big School Records saw fit to release the 6-song recording in digital format.