As you might have heard Big School has signed Philly’s Psalmships to a big-time recording contract*. Psalmships is primarily the brainchild of Joshua Britton, whose track record includes several LP and EP releases over the last 7+ years. I’ve been a huge fan for quite some time so having the opportunity to work with Joshua on his latest album has me executing backflips.** I Sleep Alone will see release on limited, multi-colored vinyl with screen-printed jackets as well as hand-numbered cassettes. The album hits the shelves around mid-June, pre-orders will post in May sometime. I’ll be posting the first single up from the album up on the BSR Soundcloud sometime next week. For those unfamiliar with the band – think riveting folk with powerful vocals and open spaces like, say, Bonnie Prince Billy/Will Oldham or Jason Molina.  Hear for yourself by exploring the Psalmships Bandcamp page!

*It’s really just one album
**Backflips meaning drinking beers around a fire and randomly fist-pumping