Norwegian Arms recently made their way out to Rock Island and Daytrotter has posted up the fruits of the band’s labor for all to stream (and members to download if they choose). Included in the session is a newly arranged version of Jitterbug, a completely fresh jam called New Sky and a pretty sweet visual rendition of Brendan’s beard. I’ve* been a Daytrotter subscribers for a long time so I have no qualms recommending that you plunk down the $3/month for unlimited access to the bajillion sessions they’ve hosted over the years.  Speaking of Jitterbug – there are still 7″ rekkids available via pre-order so what the crap are ya waiting for?

*From here on out I will be referring to ‘the label entity’ in the singular first person because, well, it is just me (Matthew) and why let some mysterious unnamed ‘we’ steal all the fame and glory when I can have it all for myself.