It’s been a long while since we checked in publicly on the website but I can assure you it’s not without good reason. The BSR headquarters recently received an upgrade in both storage and office space. Things have definitely been happening behind the scenes as we’re ready to announce pre-orders for Graham Repulski’s Cop Art LP.

We gave the OK on the test pressings last week (they sound pretty damn awesome) and the wheels have begun turning on 150 hand-numbered LP’s. Each record will come with unique scraps of ephemera containing lyrics and notes left over from the songwriting / recording / beer-swizzling process.  Not much has changed from the last time we saw GR on the My Color Is Red 7″ though this time around we find the band attaching quantity to quality – 13 tracks in a whopping 21 minutes! You know what that means, right? 45RPM, my friends. The record has already received positive reviews from the likes of PopMatters, Jersey Beat and Fabricoh. The expected ship date will be 6/11, give or take a week or two.

Speaking of test pressings – we’re going to pick names out of a hat and insert one test pressing into a random pre-order. Well what’s so special about that, you query? Not only are there only 5 in existence (indie emo oop rare, y’all) but they’ll be housed in screen-printed jackets featuring exclusive artwork straight from the hand of TheDreamComparison.

Click here to put Cop Art in your earhole and look for the band to announce a handful of upcoming show dates in the NYC and Philly areas this summer.