This past Saturday we here at Big School, as well as the music community as a whole, lost a true music friend & companion. Jason Molina, while operating under the moniker of Songs:Ohia, became one of the centerpieces of my personal music collection. His unparalleled voice and storytelling became my go-to when life decided to take a dump on my well-being (quite often during my formative years).  Now I am older and wiser (and perhaps a lot more stable) but Jason’s music is still especially relevant and appreciated, given that music with true, raw emotion seems to have taken a backseat to ‘chill vibes’ and posturing.

As a token of good will and appreciation for everything Jason has helped me/us through, we will be donating half of all record sales from now until 3/26 to the Jason Molina Medical Fund. As we are all likely aware, getting sick in this country is expensive business, especially for touring musicians who cannot afford health care – so anything  we/you can do to help will certainly help alleviate any financial strains.