Last week a couple of notable press mentions  for Negative Collector surfaced on the web as well as a turn-that-shit-way-up review in the newest ish of Ghettoblaster.

Indie Rock Cafe wrote up an in-depth feature on the band and subsequently named them ‘Artist Of The Week’. Zac from house-favorite blog, Styrofoam Drone, reviewed the album for eMusic’s Friday Find feature:

Along with the melodic qualities of their sound comes fuzzy, jagged punk guitars and Mike Downey’s snotty, snarling howl. These elements combine with a rollicking rhythm section of gritty bass lines and swift percussion, making each one of the memorable punk 300-725 pdf riffs stand out just as much as the next. Album highlights like “He’s a Thief,” “Sky High” or “First Wave Out” quickly put on display the simplicity and innocence of such an album, simultaneously showing off the essence of this punked-up power pop while it drills its way into your memory banks with barrels of infectious energy.

We couldn’t possibly be any more stoked to see Negative generating some buzz – it rips and totally deserves to be heard. A virtual hi-5 to those of you who’ve already purchased/listened to/spread the word about the LP! To those just now getting on-board – the album is still available in limited quantities in the supply closet. Double-up and get both Shy Mirrors jams for $25!!