We’re stoked to announce that Big School has struck a blood pact with Graham Repulski that involves immortalizing their latest full-length, Cop Art, on vinyl. The album will mark the band’s 9th (!) release and if you’re expecting more of that fuzzy, lo-fi indie sound conjured from the 90’s – not unlike Guided By Voices, Sebadoh, Grifters et al. – then you’ll be all pleased, none disappointed. (If you were expecting something a little less memorable or impactful then may we suggest this.)

We’re going to be pressing up a limited number of LP’s, 150 to be exact, and they’ll be hand-numbered. Each record will come with a unique scrap of ephemera containing lyrics and notes left over from the songwriting / recording / beer-swizzling process. We’ll announce pre-orders for vinyl in about 2-3 weeks via a separate newsletter as well as every single one of the social media outlets at our disposal. (You are following us on those, right?) The digital release date for Cop Art will be 4/23 but you needn’t wait until then to hear the album – it’s streaming on the BSR Bandcamp page right now. (May we suggest Smile Across Your Legs, Rip Van Winkle or Why I Don’t Believe In Anything for immediate gratification?)

Lest we forget, rumor has it the band is working on a few show dates in the NYC & Philly areas to welcome the album into the world. We’ll keep you abreast of these occasions.