Philadelphia’s very own The Swollen Fox sat down and got up close and personal with Keith Birthday of Norwegian Arms to chat about the story behind their debut album, Wolf Like A Stray Dog. Fascinating read.

So I got to run around with some Tuvin throat singers and we met up with some, like, nomadic shepherd guys and, like, slaughtered this goat on the side of a mountain and boiled it and ate it and drank a lot of vodka. And once we were drunk, we started singing and 1Z0-992 dumps playing some songs together. I remember specifically I played that song “Runaway” by Del Shannon and the throat singers dudes were throat singing to it. It was a surreal experience. Just being drunk in, like, the most beautiful place I’ve ever been with nomadic Tuvins and playing Del Shannon’s “Runaway” and everybody knows it cause it’s apparently it’s just one of those international songs. Kind of crazy.