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Philadelphia's very own The Swollen Fox sat down and got up close and personal with Keith Birthday of Norwegian Arms to chat about the story behind their debut album, Wolf Like A Stray Dog. Fascinating read. So I got to run ...Read More


These beautiful 3LP sets are now on sale in the supply closet! Man, we are so totally stoked to be involved with such a fantastic album and awesome band! Lots of stuff going on at Big School lately - hopefully ...Read More


Oh look, it's me/us! This is pretty much the look on my face and where I was sitting when I answered some questions for one of my favorite music blogsites, The Fire Note. The questions posed weren't too 'out there' ...Read More


A few months ago we announced that Big School would be puttin' out the new Shy Mirrors LP, Negative Collector. Well we're finally ready to set your mind at ease with a follow-up announcement to pre-order the LP! The LP is like whoa ...Read More


Boston-centric Allston Pudding posted a video with Keith Birthday of Norwegian Arms performing a takeaway rendition of She Lives In A Secret Town off the new LP. He also spends some time suggesting songs to live by - several of ...Read More

Point Reyes - Cabbages (Version) - Vox Populi 11.30.12 We had the distinct pleasure of being on hand for the last two Point Reyes shows for at least the next 6 months as a few members are heading out west to ...Read More