Earlier in the year Buzzlegoose posted a bitchin' review of American Ghosts which has led to it not only breaking Buzzlegoose's editor-in-chief's top 10 but doing so in convincing fashion - #3! I'm not always keen on the top-anything lists ...Read More

Jester Jay

Colorado's Jester Jay weighs in on American Ghosts using awesome words like Hüsker Dü, Replacements, noise-pop, post-punk and Trail Of Dead. And yes, Jay, the live sound is most definitely phenomenal - look for said sound to penetrate the Fishtown/Philly ...Read More

Nestled between the muscular Field Music and laughable Nicki Minaj on 17Dots latest New Arrivals post is a blurb about the Graham Repulski 7". States the obvious, fails to mention it's the best damn single he's heard all year. Read More


We've asked all of the artists on the BSR label to contribute a mixtape's worth of songs centered around sounds that have influenced them to create music. Conceptually, this isn't a wholly original idea but I've always discovered fantastic music ...Read More

Diogo from the handsome blog & Portuguese Cakes & Tapes cassette label has given the nom (3 1/2 of them, to be exact) to the My Color Is Red 7". He's also pimpin' the Shy Mirrors LP in his ...Read More


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