Once again a Big School release graces the pages of Wilfully Obscure - this time Neal has offered up his take on the Shy Mirrors LP - calling it 'perhaps one of the finest LP of 2011's late-breaking releases'. He ...Read More


I hadn't stumbled across the One Kind Radio web haven until I heard they (specifically Johnb) included 'I'm Not Around' from Sailed Blanks on a digital mixtape that also doubles as a physical creation (or perhaps the other way around?). ...Read More


All attempts should be made to attend the official American Ghosts record release party on 12/10 at The Keys in Scranton, PA. No cover charge, rural beer prices (like cheap as hell) and 3 pistol-slingin' bands. Sorry young bucks, show ...Read More


Followers of my now-defunct music blog will recognize the Graham Repulski namesake as I've written about them as well as featured a handful of songs on monthly mixes before. I was pretty stoked when the band agreed to put together ...Read More


As you can see the Sailed Blanks LP's have arrived and it sounds equally as sharp as it looks! Order your copy from the webstore, post-haste. If you still haven't picked up the Kid Icarus LP and you are interested ...Read More

It appears the band could no longer keep this shit bottled up. Visit the SM Bandcamp to listen to every worthwhile second of it. LP's will be arriving on Monday so if you ordered one expect it very soon. If ...Read More


Littlest Sounds big pimpin' a Shy Mirrors track on their latest mix. Click the pic to grab it. Read More


Turns out Jack Rabid also featured Track Changes from Sailed Blanks on his latest DJ set for BreakThru Radio. Jack leaves no stones unturned here - he includes house favorites The Descendents, Stone Roses and The Left Banke among others. ...Read More


Check out how gracefully Foxy Digitalis compares American Ghosts to Elliott Smith, The Feelies (yes!), Guided By Voices and Joy Division in one stroke of the e-pen! I couldn't describe the album any better myself. \m/(-_-)\m/ Read More