Shy Mirrors - Sailed Blanks

Very few albums struck my immediate fancy last year moreso than Shy Mirror's Reactors EP. Every second of every song was packed tight with youthful punk energy filtered through 90's indie rock sensibilities. So when I heard Mike Downey (sole ...Read More

Glowin' 5-star review from the Buzzlegoose team. Dig their old-school 'qualities' breakdown - a much more definitive way of assessing an album than lazily assigning a number. Yeah Joe, you know who you are... With American Ghosts, Kid Icarus not only ...Read More

Check out a favorable review from one of my all-time favorite music haunts, BOAWS. I've valued Jonathan's opinions for reason I'd start doubting him now. Read More


BSR-002 Deirdre and Conor / Kitchen Table, Illinois Capitol Limited EP Ladies and gentleman, please welcome both Deirdre and Conor and Kitchen Table, Illinois to the Big School family. 'Capitol Limited' comes to you in the form of a free six-song ...Read More

  Stoked to see American Ghosts get a virtual pat on the arse from the perennial powerhouse music blog Wilfully Obscure! We've been a member of their devoted ravenous fanbase for many years now so it brings us an untold amount ...Read More


Many thanks to the 'other Matt' @ Littlest Sounds for including Kid Icarus on his latest mixtape. There's a bunch of other badass tracks on there so get on it and follow @littlestsounds on Twit'er. Read More