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Better late than never on the reporting end of these tidbits: Kid Icarus was selected as the BoC Band Of The Week on MIT's WMBR FM station. Artists are handpicked each week by the program's participating DJ's and featured in-depth on ...Read More

  I had the distinct pleasure of making it out to a few of the Shy Mirrors' Midwest shows and made sure not to leave without ample video and pictorial evidence. Here's the first of several vids I plan on uploading ...Read More

This week marks the first ever Shy Mirrors shows so if you're in the Greater Chicago/Milwaukee areas there's no conceivable reason not to be in attendance. We'll be flying the BSR flag on Wed and Thurs night's shows so be ...Read More


We’ve asked all of the artists on the BSR label to contribute a mixtape’s worth of songs centered around sounds that have influenced them to create music. Conceptually, this isn’t a wholly original idea ...Read More


Jim from the formidable Jersey Beat deployed a few positive words to describe the Sailed Blanks LP. Really miss the print version but pleased to see he's still at it after all these years! "Downey is a long time veteran of ...Read More


Sailed Blanks has made a few appearances on year-end lists and, although I typically shy away from reading most of them I come across, the  following have been (or soon will be) on the must-heed list. Tim from I Buy WAY ...Read More

Once again a Big School release graces the pages of Wilfully Obscure - this time Neal has offered up his take on the Shy Mirrors LP - calling it 'perhaps one of the finest LP of 2011's late-breaking releases'. He ...Read More


I hadn't stumbled across the One Kind Radio web haven until I heard they (specifically Johnb) included 'I'm Not Around' from Sailed Blanks on a digital mixtape that also doubles as a physical creation (or perhaps the other way around?). ...Read More


As you can see the Sailed Blanks LP's have arrived and it sounds equally as sharp as it looks! Order your copy from the webstore, post-haste. If you still haven't picked up the Kid Icarus LP and you are interested ...Read More