We decided to make an arts & crafts event out of assembling the Graham Repulski jackets on New Years Day. After putting our heads together (and eating a ton of pulled pork and baked jalapeno mac & cheese) we came ...Read More

Nestled between the muscular Field Music and laughable Nicki Minaj on 17Dots latest New Arrivals post is a blurb about the Graham Repulski 7". States the obvious, fails to mention it's the best damn single he's heard all year. Read More

Diogo from the handsome Bolachas.org blog & Portuguese Cakes & Tapes cassette label has given the nom (3 1/2 of them, to be exact) to the My Color Is Red 7". He's also pimpin' the Shy Mirrors LP in his ...Read More


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Followers of my now-defunct music blog will recognize the Graham Repulski namesake as I've written about them as well as featured a handful of songs on monthly mixes before. I was pretty stoked when the band agreed to put together ...Read More