I’m totally stoked to announce the first ever vinyl issue of The Appleseed Cast’s Lost Songs. No secret I’ve been a huge fan of the band since first hearing End of the Ring Wars over 15 years ago (damn!). While Lost may not ...Read More

Record Store Day '14 is fast approaching and we're getting involved a little early this year with a week-long 30% off sale. No gimmicks, no codes to enter, no disqualified items - just waltz into the store, clicky the wax ...Read More

As you might have heard Big School has signed Philly's Psalmships to a big-time recording contract*. Psalmships is primarily the brainchild of Joshua Britton, whose track record includes several LP and EP releases over the last 7+ years. I've been ...Read More

Norwegian Arms recently made their way out to Rock Island and Daytrotter has posted up the fruits of the band's labor for all to stream (and members to download if they choose). Included in the session is a newly arranged ...Read More

We can remember back to a time when we first caught wind of Norwegian Arms via a trusted Said the Gramaphone post-slash-endorsement of Jitterbug and Run! Ran! Run! Rah!. Compulsive foraging for more songs ensued and eventually led us to stalking the ...Read More

The members of Norwegian Arms have put some visuals behind the leadoff track on Wolf Like A Stray Dog. This guy feels it even if you don't. There are still physical copies of  WLASD available (only a handful of CD's) - ...Read More

Boston-centric Allston Pudding posted a video with Keith Birthday of Norwegian Arms performing a takeaway rendition of She Lives In A Secret Town off the new LP. He also spends some time suggesting songs to live by - several of ...Read More

It was only a matter of time for an 8-bit version of a Kid Icarus song to surface! Check out this remix of American Ghosts' Bicycle Spokes arranged by T.W. Tendrils, complete with 8-bit artwork! Bicycle Spokes (ICARUS FIGHTS MEDUSA ANGELS ...Read More

Followers of my now-defunct music blog will recognize the Graham Repulski namesake as I've written about them as well as featured a handful of songs on monthly mixes before. I was pretty stoked when the band agreed to put together ...Read More

It appears the band could no longer keep this shit bottled up. Visit the SM Bandcamp to listen to every worthwhile second of it. LP's will be arriving on Monday so if you ordered one expect it very soon. If ...Read More