Czech out an interview with Joshua from Psalmships as well as two tracks recorded live for Kettle Pot Tracks. I know I'm not the only one who's pumped for his show with The Bones Of J.R. Jones and Ben Seretan ...Read More

The lads in Norwegian Arms have embarked on a month-long journey that will take them to SXSW and back. Dates have been posted on the NA Bandcamp page. They'll be playing shows up and down the coast with the likes ...Read More

Point Reyes - Cabbages (Version) - Vox Populi 11.30.12 We had the distinct pleasure of being on hand for the last two Point Reyes shows for at least the next 6 months as a few members are heading out west to ...Read More

Point Reyes have added a few upcoming NYC dates including a few CMJ dates. Stop by and check 'em out if you're in the area - it's an unforgettable live performance!   Left Field (CMJ) – October 18th Vaudeville Park (CMJ, Shatter Your ...Read More

The members of Point Reyes have announced several dates for their cross-country tour in July/August - more deets on the Field Trips page. You definitely won't regret experiencing the band live plus they should have Golden vinyl in their hands ...Read More

Pretty excited (understatement) to announce that Bombadil will be making an appearance here in Philly on Saturday 6/30 at the M Room alongside Conveyor and local favorite Gracie. That's a pretty damn solid bill so I can't think of any ...Read More

  I had the distinct pleasure of making it out to a few of the Shy Mirrors' Midwest shows and made sure not to leave without ample video and pictorial 700-551 questions evidence. Here's the first of several vids I plan ...Read More

This week marks the first ever Shy Mirrors shows so if you're in the Greater Chicago/Milwaukee areas there's no conceivable reason not to be in attendance. We'll be flying the BSR flag on Wed and Thurs night's shows so be ...Read More

All attempts should be made to attend the official American Ghosts record release party on 12/10 at The Keys in Scranton, PA. No cover charge, rural beer prices (like cheap as hell) and 3 pistol-slingin' bands. Sorry young bucks, show ...Read More