I’m totally stoked to announce the first ever vinyl issue of The Appleseed Cast’s Lost Songs. No secret I’ve been a huge fan of the band since first hearing End of the Ring Wars over 15 years ago (damn!). While Lost may not ...Read More

The time has come to open up the floodgates of e-commerce - pre-orders for Psalmships devastatingly haunting & beautiful I Sleep Alone are now live. We're pimping the album in three different formats as well as a bundle option for ...Read More

Czech out an interview with Joshua from Psalmships as well as two tracks recorded live for Kettle Pot Tracks. I know I'm not the only one who's pumped for his show with The Bones Of J.R. Jones and Ben Seretan ...Read More

Record Store Day '14 is fast approaching and we're getting involved a little early this year with a week-long 30% off sale. No gimmicks, no codes to enter, no disqualified items - just waltz into the store, clicky the wax ...Read More

As you might have heard Big School has signed Philly's Psalmships to a big-time recording contract*. Psalmships is primarily the brainchild of Joshua Britton, whose track record includes several LP and EP releases over the last 7+ years. I've been ...Read More

Apologies to those of you who have pre-ordered the new Jitterbug 7" and not received it yet. The band and I decided that the first round of tests were not up to snuff and so we're at 300-720 dumps it ...Read More

Norwegian Arms recently made their way out to Rock Island and Daytrotter has posted up the fruits of the band's labor for all to stream (and members to download if they choose). Included in the session is a newly arranged ...Read More

We can remember back to a time when we first caught wind of Norwegian Arms via a trusted Said the Gramaphone post-slash-endorsement of Jitterbug and Run! Ran! Run! Rah!. Compulsive foraging for more songs ensued and eventually led us to stalking the ...Read More

The second video from Norwegian Arms' Wolf Like A Stray Dog has premiered on one of our very favorite multi-national, music culture blogs, No Fear Of Pop.  You can read about it and watch the video for the title track ...Read More

I'm (Matt) involved with a new label venture - Hope For The Tape Deck - centered around, you guessed it, cassette tapes. It will give me the ability to (affordably) work with a more diverse group of artists and still ...Read More